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All good things come in threes???

24th March 2013


Sheffield Market would like to thank all the customers who turned up as usual on the third Saturday this year to be hit be snow.  A small band of Producers who live close by opened up as usual on Saturday morning despite the heaviest snowfall this year falling on Friday and Saturday. The roads around the Market were still far from clear, but a number of customers still braved the elements to pick up their home made goodies.

The Market was even able to attract some new customers through some active but friendly persuasion of one of the Producers, Magdalena Heinich, who decided to leaflet the Broomhill shopping centre.  For some the offer of a free hot drink proved to be a winner.

Spring should be here and it is to be hoped that last weekend's snow might prove to be the last.  Unfortunately the weather prevented the Market's usual full attendance at the following days Nether Edge Farmers Market and it was left to Chris Turk, one of the Craft Producers (wood turning) to fly the flag solo.


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